Reval Hotels – Baltikum

28 Sep 2008 [17:52h]


Reval Hotels ist eine Hotelkette mit Hotels in den baltischen Staaten und Russland.

Reval Hotels are owned by the Norwegian real estate investment company Linstow AS and is the leading hotel chain in the Baltic countries – constantly expanding and developing.

Reval Hotels are located in the hearts of the Baltic capitals. There are 2496 hotel rooms, 25 restaurants and bars,  75 conference rooms, and 900 employees in the hotel group.

Reval Hotels currently operates 8 Reval hotels  and 3 Reval Inn Hotels

In Tallinn

    * Reval Hotel Olümpia
    * Reval Park Hotel & Casino
    * Reval Hotel Central
    * Reval Inn Tallinn

In Riga

    * Reval Hotel Latvija
    * Reval Hotel Ridzene
    * Reval Hotel Elizabete

In Kaunas

    * Reval Hotel Neris

In Vilnius

    * Reval Hotel Lietuva
    * Reval Inn Vilnius

In Klaipeda

    * Reval Inn Klaipeda